Legitimate House Buyers In Georgia:

We Are Local House Buyers Located In Smyrna, GA.  We are best known for providing fair solutions to sellers.  We help Sellers In Any Situation by providing win-win solutions crafted around your goals. 

We are a legitimate company buying houses in GA, which is where our office is. Currently, we buy houses in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Unfortunately, often we run into sellers who are looking for real house buyers, but they have had to deal with people who just waste their time. We pride ourselves on giving fair offers and producing a product that improves the neighborhood.  

Reputable Home Buyers In GA:

We’re a house buying company, known for our fair offers. We understand above all else, that no one will accept an offer that won’t work for them. This is why we go all out to present our highest possible offer. The way we do this is by doing our due diligence, and by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible.


Ken Reed

My name is Ken. I am the owner of Better House Buyers. My wife and I live in Smyrna, GA.  Before deciding to pursue real estate, I worked as a licensed Pharmacist in the state of GA..  I have a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree Howard University in D.C.  I attended Georgia State University for my undergrad studies.  I have had the privilege of having 2 rewarding careers,  that have allowed me a direct path to help people.  First with being a pharmacist and now with real estate.  As a real estate company, we take pride in providing real estate solutions to individuals and families that need to sell their house.  What I enjoy most about real estate is problem solving. Your situation is different, we work hard to craft the best solution for your situation . I have helped families save their credit and their hard earned equity when banks were threatening foreclosure. I have also helped families walk away from closing with substantial cash for houses that were vacant  and costing the family money every month. We buy houses throughout the USA for cash.  We have helped families who need to sell an inherited property they don’t need or want.   The list goes on and on…  Every situation is different, and that is why I love what I do. I help people solve their real estate problems.  If you need to sell your house fast in Atlanta, or are considering selling your house, please give me a call and we can talk about the best solution for you. 404-341-4449

Sell Your  Home Fast With Better House Buyers

We know how to buy a home in just 10 to 14 days. So if you really need to sell a house fast, then we can probably help.

We’ve helped people who were in foreclosure, inherited a house, needed to move quickly, had too many expensive repairs to make, and many other stressful real estate situations. We help homeowners by buying their property in a very short time.

If you want to talk to someone with years of experience, then we are here for you. We help people by first listening to what they need. Then we can create a solution that will get them out of their stressful situation.

Maybe you have questions about your specific situation. If you are wondering if someone would really be interested in buying your property in just a few days, then just call us at (404) 341-4449. We can usually give homeowners a fair cash offer to buy their home in 24 to 48 hours.

We are local right here in Atlanta, GA. We know the local market. We can act fast. That means that you can have a fair cash offer in your hand very quickly. If you need to sell a house outside of Georgia, there is a chance we can help. We buy houses in Raleigh, North Carolina. Additionally, if you need to sell a house in Charlotte, NC we can help you! Lastly, we buy homes in Tennesee.

Then in one or two weeks, you could be walking out of closing with your house sold. How would that make you feel?


Our Mission Statement

“Helping local area homeowners get to a better place in life and supporting them through the process.”

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – Integrity is always doing the right thing.
  • Excellent Customer – We treat our clients like family, in our mind you are!
  • Humility – We are not perfect and don’t pretend to be.
  • Empathy – We understand where people are coming from and always treat them with respect.
  • Continue Growing – Every day we are working hard to keep improving.  So we can offer you nothing but the best.

We work very hard to make sure you are completely satisfied, from the first time you come across this website, until we shake hands at the closing.

The agreement we want to make is an agreement to buy your house fast, for cash.

The reasons people have for selling their house quickly varies, but no matter the situationwe are here to help.

Paying cash allows us to close on your house within a couple of days if necessary. But, if you need some time to move out, or for whatever other reason, we can give you as long as you need.

We value the relationships we’ve built in our community and work hard to make sure that we exceed your expectations. This is how we make a living and support our family. Nothing is more important than always doing the right thing.

If you have a house that you want to sell, or even if you just want to find out more about how we might be able to help you, do not hesitate to give us a call at (404) 341-4449.

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The Pros & Cons Of Selling Your House To A Local
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Download our FREE Guide or, you can always feel free to Contact us anytime if you have questions, want a no hassle Situation Evaluation, or want to just learn more about how we can help homeowners sell unwanted properties for cash.

Get the FREE Guide and then give us a call at (404) 341-4449 and we’ll discuss what your home is worth and what we can offer to buy it for with our Cash Offer Program.

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