How to Make Your House in Atlanta More Energy-efficient

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All homes in Atlanta require energy for lighting, cooking, cooling, air conditioning, and heating. Unfortunately, equipment, appliances, and human behaviors lead to energy losses in homes in ways that ate more than necessary. However, all is not lost, you can reduce carbon emissions and global warming through energy-efficient homes in Atlanta. Moreover, you save more on utility bills and improve the quality of living. With this in mind, here are measures you can take to have an energy-efficient home.

Replace Your Bulbs

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Light-emitting diode (LED) entered the market in early 2000 at ridiculously high prices. However, technological progress has birthed affordable smart LEDs that are easily accessible to all. In addition, the LED bulbs have better power consumption, a longer life span, little heat emissions, and no UV emissions.

On the contrary, halogen and incandescent bulbs have a higher power consumption and minimal UV emissions. Therefore, consider switching to LED bulbs to save energy in your Atlanta home.

Get a Smart Thermostat

In modern times, thermostats are no longer used only as controls for your home temperature regulation. This equipment uses sophisticated technology that allows you to create automatic temperature schedules based on routine. Moreover, it has motion detectors to sense when people are around for temperature regulation. A WiFi thermostat will enable you to make temperature changes even while you are away.

Seal the Holes

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Holes have an adverse effect on the room temperature of your home and worse on your utility bill. Normally, holes cause air to sneak through, causing your AC unit to overwork and use more energy. Therefore, it is prudent that you find all the holes and completely seal them. Common areas where you may find holes include:

• Along the window panes and door frames

• Around cables and piping

• Fire dampers

• switch plates and

• Mail slots

Luckily, solving this issue is not at all costly. All you require is to add weather-stripping around the door frames and silicone caulk to cover the tiny gaps. For much better results, you must do the crack sealing on a sunny day.

Upgrade with Energy Efficient Appliances

Home appliances are used for food preservation, laundry, cleaning, and drying. However, the age of your appliance and energy consumption determines the amount of electricity bill that you have to pay. The use of ENERGY STAR-certified appliances leads to 10% more energy efficiency compared to the average Atlanta home.

A conventional dryer may consume energy equivalent to an energy-efficient refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine combined within a year. Upgrading your home appliances to ENERGY STAR will help you reduce energy inefficiencies and utility bills.

Check You Water Consumption

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Water is an essential commodity for human survival and daily life. However, the movement of water around the home requires energy. Therefore, you must invest in water-efficient products to reduce wastage of water and energy.

For instance, conventional showerheads use up to 5 gallons per minute. On the other hand, low-flow showerheads use 2.5 gallons less per minute. Another advantage of the low-flow showerhead is that it allows you to pause the water while the bathe lathers up. Consider changing your ordinary toilet that uses 3.5 gallons of water to a low-flow which uses 1.6 gallons. Moreover, investing in a dual-flush toilet will reduce water consumption even more. It allows you to select between 1 gallon for liquid waste or 1.6 gallons flush for solid waste.

Be conscious of unnecessary running water, especially when you are brushing your teeth or shaving. Instead of a regular bath that consumes about 75 gallons of water, use a shower that uses about 17.2 gallons.

Consider Your Cooking

Having your favorite meals on your table uses a considerable amount of energy. That said, some cooking appliances, such as conventional ovens, will consume more power than their convection counterparts. The reason is that the latter use fans to evenly distribute hot air hence cooking at a lower temperature using 80% less energy.

Think about using a pressure cooker than the ordinary cooking pot. Not only does it cook faster, but also it uses less energy than the ordinary cooking pot. The size of your pan should be consistent with the size of the heating element to avoid heat losses. Using lids to cover your cooking pots will also help you use lesser energy.

Consider Your Water Heating

We need warm water in the home for dishwashing, bathing, and laundry. The water heater is responsible for making sure you get hot water. However, you can limit the amount of energy required for heating by investing in a water blanket. The blanket acts as insulation to help maintain the water temperatures. This practice helps to reduce the frequency of using the water heater while you enjoy the warm water.

It is wise to avoid unnecessary water heating whenever you are doing chores. For example, suppose you are in a position to wash dishes or clothes without heating, do it. You will save energy.

Adopt Responsible Behaviors

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A small change of habits will go a long way in saving energy. Consider putting out the lights in rooms that you are not using and disconnect electronics from power when not in use, such as computer devices, phones, and microwaves. You should also use the correct temperature settings for your programmable AC thermostat and avoid routine peeking. Drawing the blinds will help avoid excessive heat into your house in Atlanta instead of overworking your AC for cooler temperatures.

Consider using low-temperature heat for your washing machine and dish dryer unless the clothes or utensils are very dirty. Moreover, instead of using a dryer, consider air-drying your clothes. This action will help you save energy and make your clothes last longer. In addition, regular cleaning of your appliances’ filters will reduce the chances of clogging and lead to greater efficiency and less energy consumption. Finally, place your heating thermostats away from appliances that emit heat. It will avoid unnecessary switching on and off and save energy.


Achieving an energy-efficient home is not as complex as it sounds. It entails a small change of lifestyle and appliances within your home. Following the above practices will save energy and lead to lower utility bills.

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