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The Atlanta housing market is vibrant, with plenty of buying and selling activities – a healthy environment for both buyers and sellers. When looking to sell my house without a realtor in Atlanta, there are some ways to go about this way. When you sell a property without a real estate agent, you save on the commission fees you would need to pay out after a successful sale.

These fees will typically be five percent to six percent for every sale. The other advantage of selling your house yourself is that you can move much faster, especially if both parties, the buyer, and seller, agree. There are advantages when you sell your home without a real estate agent, as well as some risks.

Reasons To Sell my House Without a Realtor in Atlanta

There are pros and cons when you decide to sell your house without a real estate agent. The most significant benefit is that you will save on paying out commission fees which means more money in your pocket. This is advantageous, especially for people who need to pay off debt and need all the money from the sale.

You may sell a house without a real estate agent faster because you can advertise on multiple platforms. When using a realtor, you cannot use many platforms to advertise your house, slowing down the sale process. Another benefit is that you remain in control of the sale process, reducing complications that sometimes arise from having multiple parties.

Process of Selling A Property Without A Real Estate Agent

sell my house without a realtor

The first thing to do is set your sale price based on research done to ensure the price is competitive. Real estate websites are not the best way to price your house, and you may need to do more research. The best way to go about this is to look at homes that have sold in the area recently and find out how much they have sold for.

You can opt to use a professional appraiser when you can, but this is a service that you will have to pay for. It is advisable not to lower it when you set a price, especially in the first few weeks. This is because a lower price will show desperation on your part, which will lead to lower offers.

Get Your House Ready For Sale

There are some things you can do to sell your house without a realtor in Atlanta to ensure the process goes fast. Some of these are:

  • Get rid of clutter – if there is any excess clutter inside the house or in the exterior areas, clear it out to better showcase the house’s structure, beauty, and space.
  • Clean the house – this is important to make the house look better to the buyer, and this will quicken the time needed to sell it. A clean home is more likely to sell than a house that has not been cleaned over some time. If you have the time and budget, it may be a good idea to get a professional cleaning crew to do a thorough job.
  • Increase curb appeal – this is a great idea when carrying out an open house because potential buyers are more likely to be interested in a property that has curb appeal. To make your home more appealing, you can paint the exterior walls or the door and window frames. You can also do some gardening to make sure the landscape is neat and presentable. You can also add some flowerpots on either side of the front door to make it look more inviting.
  • Have professional photos taken – this is to depict your house in the best way possible. You can also have a professional video done so that potential buyers can take a virtual tour.
  • Open house – open houses are a great way to meet potential buyers and push your sales pitch in a friendly manner. Ensure that you give clear directions to interested parties and you print out material on the house. To sell a house without a real estate agent, advertise widely to get many potential buyers to come to the house. For potential buyers who leave their contacts, follow up without being too pushy.

Advertise Your House Using Various Methods

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If you are thinking of ways to sell my house without a realtor in Atlanta successfully, there are various advertising methods that you can use. One of the top ways for people wondering how to sell my house without a realtor in Atlanta is to do it online. There are websites and social media platforms that you can use to put up your house.

There are various real estate websites to sell your property. You can advertise your house on many platforms concurrently because you are not limited to just one. You can also use YouTube channels and other social media such as Facebook and Instagram to attract potential buyers. . You can also advertise on local classified websites which have a wide reach.

The Best Strategy To Sell Your House In Atlanta

Sell my house fast as is atlanta

When you have decided to sell my house without a realtor in Atlanta, one of the best ways to go about this is to have home buying companies buy your house. Homebuyers will help you sell your house without a real estate agent by buying the house upfront from you. They will buy your home as it is, and if you do not have money to spend on repairs, you will not need to fix it or carry out any repairs or upgrades since you will sell the house exactly as it appears. The advantage of that is that you will not spend advertising fees, repair and renovations cost to sell the house. The other advantage is that you get the money upfront which saves you a long wait.


Selling a home without a realtor can be a challenge. Therefore, you will need a better understanding of your responsibilities as the seller cum homeowner. There are sacrifices you may also have to make. If you are wondering how to quickly sell my house without a realtor in Atlanta without spending any more money on repairs and renovations, using a home buyer will be best. A reputable home buyer will give you options on their offer, and you will not have to sign an agreement before you’re comfortable.

You can also choose the date by which you would like to conclude the sale of the property based on if you need time to look for alternative accommodation when the house sells. You will earn more money, and the process is much easier to sell a house without a real estate agent.